Back in 1881, Marine Engineers were the first to create and build our Association.  Despite the decline of the New Zealand marine industry the Association still represents all Marine Engineers in NZ. Our members range from Chief Engineers to cadets and work on all kinds of vessels from tankers, container ships, to ferries and tug boats. 
The Maritime Division has members at 11 main NZ Ports in the country where they work on the tugs as engineers and operators. Their role is to safely berth and depart the thousands of vessels that visit our ports each year as part of the export / import contribution to the Nation’s economy.

All our Marine members hold tickets (qualifications) based on international standards and are recognised in many parts of the world.


Marine Fees

NZD$395.20 Annual Full Time
NZD$197.60 Casual Part Time
NZD$100 Annual Overseas
NZD$100 One off payment to join the AMEA Employment Register