You’ll find we have an in-depth knowledge of your industry and technical qualifications – which you’d expect given we’ve been around for over 130 years.

As a member, you benefit from collective or individual employment agreements that we negotiate on your behalf.

We represent you, advocate and provide legal advice in disciplinary and performance meetings. We help improve wages/salaries and employment terms and conditions.

And we keep you up to date on developments and issues affecting your employment and industry – through site visits, meetings, newsletters, and our website. We’re here when you need us.

Like any Association we have objectives and rules. Basically, we exist to:

  • Promote members’ collective interests
  • Ensure high levels of technical competence and safety throughout industry
  • Promote development of skills and qualifications for members
  • Mediate, initiate and process hearings before the Employment Relations  Authority, Employment Court and Supreme Court
  • Promote employment, job security and quality of life for workers and their families and the community at large

Our collective strength enables us to maintain a strong, progressive and beneficial relationship with your employer in an atmosphere of mutual respect. You benefit from our professionalism, expertise and experience as organisers and negotiators. 

And because we’re not “big,” you’ll find we’re accessible as well as proactive (yes, we return phone calls and messages).