Our Aircraft Technicians are members of Aircraft Technicians Association (ATA). They work on aircraft frames, power plants (engines), and components within Air New Zealand’s Engineering and Maintenance and Line operations, Regional Maintenance, Jetstar, Emirates and Panasonic.

Salaried Engineers are in the Aircraft Engineers Division (AED). They include engineers working as planners, production leaders, aeronautical engineers, instructors, quality assurance etc at Air New Zealand, Airways, as well as the Christchurch Engine Centre.
Clerical and Classified Officer members work across Air New Zealand particularly at Engineering and Maintenance, Line Maintenance and the CHCEC. We also have members from Contact Centre, Airline Operations; Crew Control, Load Control, Scheduling, Paxco and Group Shared Services.  Along with employees from the airports, like Loaders, Customer Service Agents, and Aircraft Cleaners, they form part of the Association’s Aviation Administration Division (AAD).

Flight Planners (formerly Flight Despatchers) who are employed at Air New Zealand also have their own division within the Association.

Our members at the Airways Corporation repair and maintain the country’s aviation navigation systems and many airport infrastructures. These members are in the ATA, Salaried Engineers or Administration Divisions depending on their role at Airways.

We place great importance on training and members including many apprentices and trainees. We help ensure quality apprenticeships and training schemes to fairly reward the student during study.

AMEA’s Aviation members are highly skilled and professional. Our engineers hold internationally recognised Licenses, Authorisations, Certifications and Degrees. We promote and gain recognition and fair remuneration for our members’ skills as well as ensuring that they can work in a healthy, safe and secure environment.