You may be surprised at how many people like you employed in the aviation, maritime agricultural, primary and industrial sectors increasingly rely on us for advice and advocacy to protect their interests.

Our advantage is that we’re relatively small in union terms – several thousand members compared to tens of thousands. But we’re highly effective. And you get a more personalised approach to issues that concern you.

As you’ll discover, we are becoming the union of choice for most occupations in your industry – from trainees and cadets to technicians, engineers, support staff, administrators and management. We work together individually as well as collectively on the issues and challenges that you face each day. And you benefit from the outcomes.

If, like many AMEA members and ex union representatives, you progress to a managerial position, we’re still here for you. You may not need the security of a Collective Agreement. But you can still rely on us for advice, support and representation with an Individual Employment Agreement.

We’ve listed some of the categories in which we work, on our “Industries” pages. Not all are named here because the list grows and changes with technology and workplace development. So, if you don’t see your role here, just contact us.  We’re here for you.