About Us


The AMEA is a medium sized Union that has been around for more than a hundred years. We began life as the Institute of Marine and Power Engineers in 1881 and in 1934 we became an Incorporated Society.

The Institute was begun as a professional society for the improvement and protection of conditions, pay and safety of Marine Engineers working around the New Zealand coast, across the Tasman Sea and of course between New Zealand and Britain. Australian Marine Engineers assisted their colleagues in the new colony to get the Institute started.

In 1990 the Institute restructured becoming the NZ Association of Marine Aviation & Power Engineers and was registered as a union under the Labour Relations Act. The Union was then called the New Zealand Association of Marine, Aviation and Power Engineers.

With the introduction of the Employment Relations Act 2000 unions were required to register and at this time the name was changed to The Aviation and Marine Engineers Association (AMEA). In 1999 we were one of the first unions to register under the new Act.

As the Marine Engineers settled in jobs ashore they carried with them the collective strength of the Association and so we expanded. We have been growing steadily since then and now represent skilled workers in Aviation, Dairy, Meat, Fertiliser, Power Generation, Water, Port and Local Authority industries. We negotiate for almost fifty Collective Agreements, for some 2000 plus members.



Objectives in our rules include;

  • Promotion of the collective interests of members
  • To ensure high levels of technical competence and safety throughout industry
  • The promotion of the development of skills and qualifications for members
  • To initiate and process hearings before the Employment Tribunal, Employment Authority and Court of Appeal in accordance with legislation
  • Formulation of policies for the promotion of employment, job security and quality of life of workers and their families and the community at large


The Executive is the "governing body" of the Association. Many day-to-day decisions can be made by the Executive without recourse to the members. The Executive powers are detailed under the rules.

The AMEA's current Executive members are: -


Steve Bovaird - President / AED
John Stickley - Vice President / ATA
Dave Rowe - Marine
John Fraser - Marine
Murray Painton - AED
Trevor Williamson - AED
Sandra Henderson - AAD
Lisa Prinsloo - AAD
Ross Gosling - Flight Engineers
Jason Lilley - ATA
John Robertson - Industrial
Ian Cox - Managers
Tony Tronson - Managers
Mohammed Suliman - Flight Planners
David Bainbridge-Smith -Flight Planners